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Zam Zam Restaurant, Established in 1979,created a niche in the world of Modern Middle Eastern Cuisine and promises further delight with changes

The relaxed ambience of Zam Zam is wonderfully glamorous, making it the perfect spot to dine with friends and family.There is a real passion to serve delicious meals in which there is no compromise on freshness, quality, hygiene and healthiness. Zam Zam Restaurant took assured steps of success with the starting of many ventures, which brought new standards of fine dining. The reason behind Zam Zam's Success journey is the steadyfast dedication to provide a whole meal, that touches the heart and leaves a smile in everyone's face.

Happy that ZamZam's

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  • Truly great taste and best service that's all we had at Zam Zam. Zam Zam shawaya is always special food for me..

    Anees Ahamed
  • The taste of Malabar always kept high with expectations in Zam Zam. Great service and best foods make Zam Zam always special to me and my friends.


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